I found GVA group inc. in 2012 after realizing that my wife, who used to work as hair extensions master at the time, always gets hair of variable quality.

We couldn't find a firm anywhere in the world that would offer a highest quality hair for the money. 

So, we decided to found our own hair company and master this craft.We began dying and selling luxurious quality hair in Russia.Our product rapidly became popular and demanded.After first 20 meetings with hair extensions masters 19 of them decided to make business with us. I am very proud to say, that every single one of them is still working with us.GVA group inc. is a hair factory with a full-cycle production. 

We’re doing everything ourselves without involving any contractors and brokers: from buying the “donor hair” to selling the final products to our clients. We offer only high quality hair.As for today GVA group inc.is: 

* Own factory in Russia

* A store in Miami 

* Over 750 beauty parlors ordering our products every month* Regular clients in over 15 countries 

* Over 5000 different types of hair to offer

* 25 wig makers and hairdressers and 10 sales managers


CEO GVA hair, Vladimir