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Important tips for maintaining your hair extension
Important tips for maintaining your hair extension: Hair extensions give you peculiar opportunities but also they require special gentle care. Hair extensions should be done only by professionals Make sure your hair is degreased before extension It's not recommended to wash your hair after extension for 2-3 days It is advisable to wash your hair extensions with warm water standing under the shower tilting your head back (especially for tapes for the first 2 weeks), make sure to comb your hair before showerConditioners, masks, balms can only be applied along the length of your hair. Do not apply conditioners, masks, balms to hair roots, capsules or tapes You should not use oily products on your scalp and root zone After showering, dry your hair with a towel, gently running it from roots to ends, do not twist wet hair with a towel It is recommended to dry extended hair with warm air. It is FORBIDDEN to go to bed with wet extension hair Before going to bed, to avoid tangling after combing your hair it is recommended to collect it in a low ponytail or braid it Hair can be dyed darker color, or you can add shades (cold, pink, etc.). But getting blonde colors from darker ones is not advisable we recommend buying blonde colors in the first place Also, the company is not responsible for the qualifications of a master who will dye hair in any color, no matter whether it is dark or blonde. Therefore, after additional exposure to hair such as dyeing, perm, etc. the company will not accept and consider any complaintsThe following correction of your hair extensions is determined individually, usually it takes 1,5-3 months To style your extension hair you can use hair drier, curling iron, curler etc. Pay special attention to your temporal area, usually the hair is weaker and thinner in this area With proper care, a set of extension hair can be used at least 3-4 times. It is necessary to use capsules (tapes) for correction to reapply your hair extensions We recommend using professional products for the care of your hair extensions We strongly recommend avoiding of contact with salt (sea) water. If this cannot be refrain, wash your hair with shampoo, apply a mask or conditioner Individual care for hair extensions also depends on your hair type - check with the extension specialist for more information on complex care. If you follow the recommendations, you will keep the beauty and luxurious look of your hair extensions for many months!